Allen Cote

Wisconsin Foodie: Music by Allen Coté

Dézòd Rèkòd and Wisconsin Foodie are pleased to present the official, authorized soundtrack to the Emmy-winning PBS television show, featuring 16 selections from the last 8 seasons, hand-picked by the composer himself.

From the cool jazz of the title cards to the gypsy swing of Jessica Bell's theme, Hawaiian slack-key guitar to weeping strings, the variety of moods and styles are guaranteed to please almost anyone as they transport you back to your favorite Foodie episode. Even if you've never seen the show, there's something to love here - imagine scoring your morning commute with some stylophone and melodica, or taking a jog to the strains of a surf guitar.

Featuring musicians who have played on stages from the Pabst Theater to the Royal Albert Hall, this album is the distillation of years of musical and technical growth, and traces the rise of one of the most popular independent television shows in the upper Midwest. The album is available in digital and physical formats, and the physical packaging contains recycled post-consumer material.

Allen Coté, Dézòd Rèkòd and Wisconsin Foodie have all received many requests for the release of this material over the years - we are all very excited to finally be able to share our labor of love, and truly hope you derive even a fraction of the joy from listening as we did from creating. Until next time, eat well, be well, and be sure to tune into the new season in April.