Allen Cote

Pezzettino presents Venus

Pezzettino is more than proud to present their latest release Venus. Produced by Margaret Stutt and Allen Coté, recorded by Allen Coté and mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, the EP features such Milwaukee notables as Nathan Kilen on drums, John Patek on strings, Chris DeMay and Lisa Ridgely on vocals, along with Stutt on piano and vocals, and Coté on guitars and bass.

Venus was arranged and recorded in a two week session at Allen Coté's home studio in Cudahy, WI during the Summer of 2019. The EP is supported by music videos released on and, and has been described by each respectively as "a wonderfully eclectic blend of minimal piano, clattering atmospherics and Stutt’s mesmerizing voice" and "dreamy [...] and almost ethereal."

Margaret and Allen have been fortunate enough to collaborate and call each other dear friends for over a decade, and their trust shines through in the delicate and occasionally dangerous arrangements.  Blending chamber-folk, pop and indie-rock into a cauldron, the result is arresting and intimate, and wholly prescient for our precipitous times: there is quite simply nothing comparable.

Venus is available on multiple digital formats, and on a very exclusive vinyl release. Due to the "ethereal" nature of the content, and the constrictive nature of the climate, there will be no performances. Do yourself a favor and don't sleep on this release.