Allen Cote

The Sublimative Sessions - Vol. 3: The Bad Verse

We've already been through the "New, Annotated, Coté's Dictionary" definition of sublimation, so we'll skip the extrapolation this time around and cut straight to the chase: we're back!

The fine folks at Dézòd Rèkòd and the less fine folks at Allen Coté Industries, LLC are pleased to present the release of the latest volume of The Sublimative Sessions: "Volume Three: The Bad Verse" - featuring past and current members of The New Red Moons, The Great Lake Drifters, The Form, The Scarring Party, Lisa Ridgely and the Fainting Room, Field Report, and many others; and recorded live in a single day, with minimal overdubs, at the lakeside studios of 77eleven Productions.

We will be celebrating the expulsion of three years' post-production with a release party at Linneman's Riverwest Inn on January 22, 2016; and live appearances on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee at 5:30pm on January 21, and Fox 6 Studio A at 4pm on January 22 - the live performances will feature a core band of Milwaukee supersessionists Krystal Kuehl, Nathan Kilen and Jeff Brueggeman; with special appearances by Heidi Spencer, Lisa Ridgely, Ryan Elliott, and other surprise guests. Free noisemakers with download codes will be provided at all performances; and handmade wooden whistles with embedded flash drives will be for sale, featuring all three volumes of The Sublimative Sessions (so far) - the full purpose of these trinkets will be revealed in the interactive portion of our release show at Linneman's ...

It's been a while since we've hugged, smooched, shaken hands, said hello; and we've missed your lovely little eardrums; so please join us for some or all of these special events, and let's shake off the subzero with a little shared heat - we'll save a seat for you.