Allen Cote

the last silent desert (original motion picture soundtrack)

Happy Bicycle Day! In honor of the international holiday, Lyric Advisory Board is pleased to present the last silent desert (original motion picture soundtrack) - the first in a series of alternative therapy sessions by Allen Coté and John Shepley Frater, and featuring artwork by Karen Gorecki, our introduction to the otherworld was wholly improvised, arranged and overdubbed in an approximately eight hour session on December 7, 2019 utilizing all homemade instruments.

Running the gamut from eerie slide to uke etude to an honest-to-god country song, the results are predictably unpredictable - there's either something for everyone here, or nothing for anyone (or more likely, something for anyone and nothing for everyone). Whether you love it, hate it, or are just particularly perturbed and disturbed, we promise you've never heard anything like it before. 

Future releases will most likely take a more tangible form, but in the mean time, please enjoy this palate cleanser, perhaps in conjunction with your own personal form of therapy. Open your ears and your third eye, and allow us to take you on a trip through an inner landscape that is deceptively spare and anything but silent - we'll even get you home in time for dinner.

the last silent desert (original motion picture soundtrack) was composed, performed and produced by Allen Coté and John Shepley Frater; edited, mixed and mastered by Allen Coté; and released by Dézòd Rèkòd.