Allen Cote


Allen Coté is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, multimedia artist, divemaster and ship captain, originally from Austin, TX and currently based in Milwaukee and Door County, WI. Coté is proficient in guitar, lap steel, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and many others; and received the Wisconsin Area Music Industry's 2011 "Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year" award. He holds his 25 Ton Master with Aux Sail Merchant Mariner Credential, captains several ships in Door County, and guides scuba and snorkeling tours on shipwrecks in the region.

Allen Coté has contributed to recordings and performances by numerous national and international artists. He has also provided original scores and sound design for film and live theatre productions with worldwide distribution, received "Best Score - International Short Documentary" from the Hollywood North Film Awards, and composed ten seasons of the Emmy-winning PBS television show Wisconsin Foodie.

Allen Coté and John Crockett have twice presented their sound installation "Tonal Motion" at the acclaimed Milwaukee Art Museum. A former journalist, Coté's photography has been featured in The Williamson County Sun, The Austin Chronicle, The Austin-American Statesman, and High Times magazine.


¡paLABra! - s/t
(vocals, guitars, percussion, engineering, mixing, production)

Rockford Taking Flight
(original film score)


Pezzettino - Venus
(guitar, bass, engineering, mixing, production)

Boys State
(original film score - "La Plastique Fantastique")


The Hatchets - The Uncounted Blue Jillions


Pezzettino - Madonna Inn
(guitar, bass, samples and production)

Lyric Advisory Board - The Great American Novelty
(vocals, guitars, keys, congas, composition, engineering, mixing, production)

¡paLABra! - "Mambo #8"
(guitar, mixing, mastering, production)

Sherman Park Rising
(original film score)


Allen Coté - Angels
(all instruments, engineering, mastering, production)

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds - "You're My Salvation"

Allen Coté - Wisconsin Foodie: Music by Allen Coté
(all instruments, engineering, mastering, production)


Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds - "Innocent as Lightning"

Lyric Advisory Board - Revolver
(vocals, guitars, engineering, production and mastering)

Allen Coté - The Sublimative Sessions - Volume 3: The Bad Verse
(vocals, guitars, banjolele, fox horn, engineering, production)


Zeti - Leaves Through an Open Window
(sound design, engineering)


Allen Coté - The Sublimative Sessions - Volume 2: Darling Hall (RIP)
(vocals, guitars, lap steel, bass, production and mastering)

Buffalo Gospel - Hoarse as a Crow: Live on Air
(guitars, production and mixing)

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds - Things I Remember Golden
(electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel)

Oedipus Tex and the Motherfuckers - "Hipster Assassin"
(engineering, production and mastering)

Allen Coté - The Sublimative Sessions - Volume I: Live at WMSE
(vocals, guitar, harmonica, production and mastering)

(sound design, engineering, production and mastering)


(original film score)

(electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel)

Pezzettino - Daytrotter sessions

(electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel)

(electric guitar, engineering, production and mastering)



The Man from Orlando
(original film score - "Il Granddario")

Meadow Parish - Run, Sugar
(acoustic guitar, vocals)

(electric guitar, lap steel, engineering)

(lap steel)

(bass, lap steel)

(lap steel)


Imploding Fictions - You Are Invited
(original live theatre score and sound design)

(lap steel)

(lap steel)

(bass, production)


Trapper Schoepp and the Shades - "Blue Christmas"
(lap steel)

Allen Coté and Margaret Stutt - "Summerteeth"
(ukulele, vocals, engineering, mixing, production)

(lap steel)

(lap steel)

(lap steel)

(lap steel)

(lap steel)


Marcus Phillips - Thirst and Burden
(lap steel)

The Maze - Awakens
(electric guitar, resonator, mandolin)

(electric guitar, piano, lap steel, vocals, engineering and production)


(electric guitar, lap steel, harmonica, mandolin, vocals, engineering and production)

(vocals, guitars, lap steel, harmonica, engineering, production and mastering)


Allen Coté and Tomato Junction - Steal This Single
(vocals, guitars, lap steel, harmonica, engineering, production and mastering)


Christina Bell - Sony/BMG demos
(guitars, mandolin)

Allen Coté - alieNation
(vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, keys, kitchen sink, engineering and production)


Sarofim School of Fine Arts - Medea
(percussion and assisted orchestration for original live theatre score)

Elevator Music for the Insane - S/T
(vocals, guitars, engineering, production and mastering)