God Bless Texas

I can't really talk about this one.

The shooter was from the same rural community where I grew up. He lived a couple minutes from the family house that we have owned for almost 25 years. The house where my mother still lives.

Though I left for college when he was about ten years old, given the size of the place, it is entirely likely that I have met him or his family. I worked at least one of the same jobs he did, attended the same school district, and graduated from his high school's main rival.

I don't know what causes some people to choose life, and some people to end it. I don't know what differentiates me from him, or either of us from the most savage of animals. I don't know what can be done, if anything.

I made a promise to donate all my digital sales to apolitical charities, and for the last month or so, that charity has been the National Compassion Fund - they are a solid organization, and I encourage everyone to continue supporting them. However, given the personal nature of this one, I have to switch charities a little sooner than I would have liked - I will now be donating to the tiny community of Sutherland Springs, who lost 4% of their entire population in less than a minute.

That's all. I really can't talk about this one.