I give up. I will be perpetually tardy. On everything. Forever.

July's promised release is a live album by Milwaukee supergroup (critics' words, not mine) Buffalo Gospel. We played the Peck School of the Arts last October in a live broadcast for WMSE - our second show (ever) was basically a reinterpretation of the album we had released a couple months prior, We Can Be Horses, and despite our relative youth (and my daughter having been born a week prior, ensuring my absolute exhaustion), upon listening back we were all pleasantly surprised by the results. I spent a couple of weeks remixing everything, et voila: Hoarse as a Crow: Live On Air was born.

I can say with absolute honesty that this is basically a faithful document of an hour of our lives - I made very few corrections, almost no edits (save cutting out dead air for the sake of keeping things moving along), and no added effects - unlike many "live" albums that punch in cleaned-up guitar solos or auto-tune flat vocals, what you hear is what we played. I was prepared to hate every note I played (and many of them I still do), but as the mixing process went along, I became more and more impressed with our live chemistry - I hope the listener agrees.

As always, more shows and monthly releases forthcoming. August is a busy month for me, gig-wise, and I'm excited to be playing some more of my own material, as well as backing up some of my best friends and favorite musicians in the city. I won't even pretend to be more timely with my updates, but I do promise that the monthly releases will keep flowing: four more months left, and even I'm excited to see what will pop out next. Stay tuned.