I promised a monthly release, but I never promised a monthly update ...

I'm gonna go ahead and ride a friend's coat-tails for June's release: Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds finally knocked out our new full-length - Things I Remember Golden - with a CD release on June 13 at Linneman's, featuring yet another little side project as opener, the newly-formed and christened Lyric Advisory Board. Inspired by a throw away joke from the album liner notes, I pieced together some friends from the Rare Birds and Buffalo Gospel for a one-off musical experiment  (it went so well, there may be a reprise ...).

This album is the culmination of my entire time spent with the band - I first joined at the CD release for Heidi's last album - and the results are well worth the three years of production. As always, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of it.

More releases coming up soon, including a live set from Buffalo Gospel, and the second installment of the Sublimative Sessions - I'll do my best to make the posts/updates a little more timely.