April's Fool

The Year of Productivity continues with the release of a single ... er, EP ... well, really an addendum to an existing album ...

Anyway. The Marriage: Epilogue is now available for free download on my site, featuring a pair of tunes originally arranged and recorded for weddings. For those of you who already own The Marriage, this makes a nice companion piece; for those of you who don't ... get on it (there's only one physical copy left).

Couch by Couchwest awarded my little publicity stunt runner-up in the "Least Dressed" category - a dubious honor, at best, but flattering that they even made it all the way through the video. I guess next year I'm just gonna have to go full frontal.

Some killer shows coming up, including a top secret project to celebrate the release of the new Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds album at Linneman's on June 13 - I can't say much right now, but I PROMISE this is going to be one of the best shows going down this year - best of all, it falls on a full moon Friday the 13th ...

Lots more releases in the works, and I can honestly and humbly say that the performance and production quality just keeps improving (probably because I'm finally figuring out how to use this box with wires and keys and such). Check back in for next month's release - it might shock, it might appall, it might appeal, but it will NOT be boring (or folky).

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