March Madness

I made a promise on New Year's Day that I would be attempting to release one new "thing" - album, EP, single, video, whatever - every month in an attempt to spur my own work ethic and finally clear out the years of backlogged material. This promise was accompanied by the second movement of Symphonia Pro Punctum, an ambient symphony created for Milwaukee Community Acupuncture.

So far, I have slipped a little (typical) - February's travels, combined with the searing cold (and ensuing depression) that gripped the nation meant that I was unable to complete the second installment in time - however, February's loss is March's gain, as I am pleased to announce MULTIPLE releases this month!

First and foremost, I am excited and relieved to finally release The Sublimative Sessions - Vol 1: Live at WMSE - the first in a continuing series of one-off recording sessions, featuring shifting players and soundscapes, Vol. 1 features a live broadcast of Jackson Messner and myself performing on 91.7 WMSE (way back on June 16, 2009). There will be further installments of this series debuting as the year goes on, and they all come together to form an interesting (and hopefully enlightening) view of the creative process - each release will be available for free download until the next chapter rolls along, so snap 'em up now.

Next up, the fine folks at Couch by Couchwest put on an annual online music festival for those of us too broke (or savvy) to make the long trek down to Austin - as someone who lived, worked and played there for many years, trust me when I say you'd rather spend this week on your couch. While helping Ryan Necci put together a Buffalo Gospel video for the festival, I was struck with another idea that I thought might be too ... um, let's say "revealing" for the rest of the band ... so I submitted it myself. Milwaukee is well-covered (or not) at CXCW 2014.

Lastly, I make a promise to you that I will not drop the ball again (at least until Summer): already got the next few months lined up and ready to go, with some very exciting additions to the ever-broadening sprawl that is my catalog, including the long-awaited return of a so-called "friend" ...

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the even-more-anticipated release of the new Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds album (and accompanying films); further Buffalo Gospel projects; and a wide variety of shows with various artists, in varying styles and situations - hopefully, by the end of the year I will have provided something to appease every member of your immediate family (save maybe your uber-conservative father-in-law) ...

Or at least I'll finally empty the cupboard.

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