Endless Summer

I'm pretty sure there was a Summer. At least, I was told so. Apparently it was cold for a while, then warmed up, then cooled down, then got hot as balls; and global warming is either completely at fault, or has nothing to do with it whatsoever, depending on whom you ask.

I would have no idea, as I had a grand total of three days off from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Major life changes and art-related poverty necessitated a seasonal cash grab, working as a barista and bartender in Door County, WI - 70+ hours and 5-6 doubles per week on my feet serving vices morning, noon and night. Aside from a healthy dose of hatred for suburban Chicago, and more clothes dryer dollar discoveries than an airport stripper, the greatest profit of the Summer was avoiding the Summerfest grounds for the first year since I moved to Milwaukee.

The few days I managed to escape Vacation Hell were spent driving back home to promote, perform and celebrate the release of the long-awaited Buffalo Gospel release, We Can Be Horses - we hit the airwaves on Radio Milwaukee and WMSE, hit the stage at Linneman's on July 27 with Jonathan Burks, and hit every goddamn paper, pamphlet, poster and music blog from here to Norway. We also found time to finish a music video for The Western (well, Heidi did, while Ryan and I played a month-long game of too many cooks in the kitchen); inspire a sandwich; and book some more shows for the Fall.

I am now back in town full-time, for the time being, and falling back into the swing of things. A handful of shows coming up; a handful of songs left to record for the (even more long-awaited) Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds album; the beginnings of a recording project with John Pajot and his band Various Small Fires; and maybe even the end of the psychosocial meltdown that has been my own personal year and a half-long record making process.

To be honest, I don't know what the hell is going on any more. Day by day, dollar by dollar, drunk love song by somebody done me wrong. I'm pretty sure things are happening. At least, I was told so. If I hear anything else, I'll be sure to let you know.

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