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Coming out the other end of the darkest days of Winter - the groundhog may or may not see his shadow soon, but I've certainly seen mine ...

As always, plenty of projects to keep me coasting until warmer weather - a handful of upcoming shows, solo and with various bands; recording sessions in various stages of completion (or disarray); and some exciting potential for TV and film.

My good friend Ryan Necci and I are plowing through final mixing on his new Buffalo Gospel record, with the generous and expert ears of Ryan Elliott at 7711 Studios, and I couldn't be happier with the progress - this is shaping up to be hands-down one of the best albums I've ever been involved with. Be on the lookout for a release show and physical product in the Spring.

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds are a little over halfway through initial tracking for the sophomore Bella Union release. Heidi has really stepped up her songwriting game (not that she was any slouch before), and I've been doing my best to rise to the occasion - so far we all seem pretty thrilled with the results, crafting what I off-handedly coined "a series of mini psychodramas." Hoping to have it in the label's hands by the Summer, but what happens after that is anyone's guess.

Wisconsin Foodie is wrapping up their third season on Wisconsin Public Television, but reruns will continue throughout the state, as well as Chicago; and we've been picked up in the Twin Cities starting this month. Additionally, The Man from Orlando - a feature film out of Austin for which I contributed some original music - has been continuing to make its way around the festival circuit to some very positive reviews, and just recently had a sold-out hometown premier at the State Theatre. I'm hoping to help them arrange a Milwaukee showing by year's end (maybe as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival).

I'm sure there's plenty more I'm forgetting to mention, but I'll get to it eventually - in the mean time, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the imminent release of a single and music video I produced for a very old (and treacherous) friend ...

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